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Stay Hydrated And Fit With Reusable Water Bottles

Nalgene_v1When I hiked Machu Picchu a few years ago, I did not enjoy the beautiful scenery as much as I could have because I was not well prepared for the trail. Having learned my lesson since, I hiked the Grand Canyon last month with an expert outfitter and minimal luggage. After much research I booked a trip through Four Season Guides and had a truly amazing experience. I love being outside and active but wanted to keep the trip enjoyable. That’s why I went with a mule-assisted hike, which meant that our overnight luggage was carried to the bottom of the Grand Canyon via mules. I only had to carry what was needed during our daily hikes including 3-4 liters of water as recommended.

Many times I’ve mentioned the environmental benefits of reusable water bottles. But on my trip down the canyon I learned a whole new lesson in terms of water bottle design. In a nutshell: I discovered the ergonomic benefits of a wide-mouthed water bottle. Part of my packing list provided by the outfitter was to bring a water bladder as well as a wide-mouth Nalgene water bottle. Nalgene was criticized a few years back when studies suggested that BPA was leaching from their bottles. But my Everyday Nalgene bottle had a big BPA-free sticker on it and its design was incredibly handy. Especially since drinking out of the hose of the water bladder got me nauseous to the point where I had to lay down after 2 hours into the hike. The wide-mouth Nalgene bottle saved my trip. It felt like drinking out of a glass or cup without the plastic taste and you can easily mix Gatorade into it. This seemed to settle my stomach and I was back on my feet quickly.

Quiet frankly I would have never thought that drinking out of a wide-mouth bottle would make such a big difference to my wellbeing. Here comes my “big thank you” to the smart people from Four Season Guides for providing a great packing list for the trip that also included the Smart Wool Socks I wrote about in an earlier post. The right socks and a great water bottle really make a big difference on a hiking trip. And most of all I got to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon.


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