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Sustainable Style: For Travel And Around Town

Apple&Bee_2Now that summer is finally here I love to spend my weekends at the beach or park as much as I can. But where do you put your towels, sunscreen, and flip-flops without leaving too much of a footprint on the environment? The best way to live a green life-style is to reuse what you have or buy second-hand. However, if you’re in need of a cute and sustainable tote bag you might want to check out the eco-range by Australian company Apple&Bee. I’ve always loved the design of their colorful cosmetic bags made of sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and hemp. They are super-cute and too beautiful to be hidden in a bathroom or handbag. What I like about the eco-range tote is that it’s roomy enough for grocery shopping but it can also be used as a beach bag. It even works as a carry-on for planes and you can pair it with a matching eco-travel wallet to keep your travel documents organized.

The eco-range bags are made from jute and the eco travel wallets come with an organic cotton trim in either cream or black. On the inside, they all have a solvent-free TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) that can biodegrade within four years if properly disposed as opposed to traditional ones that can take hundreds of years to decompose. It serves to protect the lining from spills that especially happen during grocery shopping frequently. Whenever possible Apple&Bee uses soy-based or plant-based dyes to create their contemporary designs. All products are shipped in cornstarch plastic outer bags, which are biodegradable as well to protect them from getting soiled. The company is carbon-neutral through purchasing carbon credits from Climate Friendly to offset shipping and other unavoidable emissions.

Apple&Bee contributes part of their profits to the Bee Foundation with the goal to raise money and awareness about the health and importance of bees affected by Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Bees are essential for pollinating a wide variety of our world’s crops. So go ahead and show off your “B is for Bee” eco-tote proudly knowing you’re supporting a good cause.


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