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The Gift of Holiday Giving 2012

Sometimes receiving is so much better than giving, well, sorry, sometimes it just  is. In my big fluffy red stocking this year? InLite’s sexy messenger bag, backpacks and handbags boast a patent-pending interior light-up

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Eating Premium Beans for Fiber and Vitamins this Holiday Season

Keeping Christmas wishes in the family, Better Bean founders Keith and Hannah Kullberg just launched a freshly packed and ready-to-eat “rethought” refried beans and they also pioneered a new sustainable “one-seal” packaging technology to

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Huge Clinical Trial Proves Multivitamins Help Prevent Disease

One of the largest, longest, placebo-controlled clinical trials ever done on the use of a daily multivitamin/mineral to prevent cancer in men has shown a remarkable 8 percent drop in overall cancers during a

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Patagonia’s New Recycled Shoes Sure Pretty-Up My Pups

Well, it’s finally too chilly out this week to sport my flip-flops for the rest of the season. Sure, I live in LA and live year–round in slip-ons and flip-flops. But: I am completely

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Green and Organic Gardeners, Rejoice!

I wish I could remember from year to year, which corner of our courtyard has better light for my thriving chocolate mint plant. Can you remember the most significant details of your beloved gardens

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