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5 Natural Ways to Relax and Get to Sleep

We’ve all had sleepless nights when we toss and turn and cannot stop obsessing about a stressful situation. The next day, we’re so tired it’s more difficult to deal. (And you look puffy too.) Now

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The BOC’s of Lip Gloss

Welcome to Better Organic Choice (BOC), a column focusing on makeup tips, tricks and product advice for the holistically hip. We cover the best in green glam, behind the scenes and in your face (not

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American Heart Month and Your Flu Shot

I am beginning to feel sniffly again, are you? To battle cold and flu naturally during American Heart Month, I am drinking more green tea throughout the day for its immune effects, I am

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Hollywood Day Spa Offers Holiday Detox Package

When I walk into Firm Body Evolution (FBE) off Santa Monica Boulevard it doesn’t look like any gym I’ve been to lately, but I am interested in their “Fitness & Detox” monthly membership where

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Huge Clinical Trial Proves Multivitamins Help Prevent Disease

One of the largest, longest, placebo-controlled clinical trials ever done on the use of a daily multivitamin/mineral to prevent cancer in men has shown a remarkable 8 percent drop in overall cancers during a

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