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Beauty Is Wellness: 6 Ways to Mix Up Your Greens Routine

Welcome to Beauty Is Wellness, a column about the link between nutrition, lifestyle and beauty based on my health coaching practice of the same name. I’m thrilled to share information about my favorite beauty

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Drink More Tea to Boost Your Health

Tea is 2014′s notable beverage trend, gaining popularity among mixologists and chefs alike. It doesn’t have to be green tea, either, though a great body of research proves just how beneficial green tea leaves can

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Grilling Tips for Labor Day from Suzy Sirloin

Who is that woman striding down the streets of Manhattan, wearing a 10-gallon hat? Suzanne Strassburger, aka Suzy Sirloin, is the fifth-generation of her family–and a rare woman, no pun intended–in the meat business. Since 1865,

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