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The One-Day Spa Detox

Yes, it often takes days of skipping solids, juicing and sweating it out to kickstart a detox diet. If you’re like me, you do not have the time or the steep motivation for full-time deprivation on a long-term detox. That’s a major hurdle for most of us. As a yoga teacher and exercise physiologist, I have seen these tweaks work–and fast!

I like my detox fast and light—I’ve been detoxing nearly one day a week for many months now and the benefits are amazing once you allow your body to do its natural job. The liver and kidneys eliminate toxins and waste from the bloodstream and digestive system daily with extra green liquids (think kale, leafy greens) and at least 10 cups of  herbal tea, juice and raw fruit and veggies throughout your day.

  • Drink tea instead of coffee or dairy products in the morning
  • Make a green smoothie and sip liquids only until noon
  • Make a huge raw salad (think seeds, nuts and veggies) for lunch
  • Exercise enough to sweat for 30 minutes on your detox day
  • Limit salt intake and avoid processed sugars; take a multi-vitamin
  • Book yourself a detox lymphatic drainage massage
  • Eat lightly at dinner (or revert to only liquids) and get to bed early

If you want to promote natural water loss from the body include these detox food staples that day: cranberries, celery, asparagus, watermelon and detox teas. After a couple days of this way of eating, you can see the difference in your complexion and and your waistline; you’ll see how these choices help clear up any breakouts and relieve bloating fairly quickly.

To me what’s most important on any detox day is concentrating on making wise lifestyle choices, avoiding excess medications and skipping alcohol. That’s my painless approach to quick-fix detox, and it really works. (You’ll lose a few pounds and boost your energy too.)

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