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The Art of Mindful Sleeping

“Shelter that provides tranquility, design that creates simplicity.”

Europa Platform Bed

Your sleeping environment should be as calm and serene as possible. We all know how easy it is to get caught up in the nightly technology regimen, checking back and forth between social media, television, Netflix and everything else that takes away from your time to sink in, tune out and “just be.” By putting time and effort into creating a sleeping habitat that is conducive to simplicity and tranquility, you can improve your overall rest and well-being.

Haiku Designs, a company that is well versed in the business of sleeping, stands behind their motto, “Shelter that provides tranquility, and a design that creates simplicity.” By offering modern, quality crafted and eco-conscious furniture in a variety of stylish colors and models, everyone is sure to find a piece that fits their own unique personality and style.

The Rocky River Green Home features two different beds from Haiku Designs. The Nikko Platform Bed, featured in one of the boy’s rooms is luxuriously crafted and made in Italy. The platform bed has wooden slots, which means no box springs- a harmful and uncomfortable aspect of conventionally made mattresses. The Nikko platform bed embodies the luxury of Italian style with its dark, espresso colored textile leather, sleek rounded edges and simplistic feel.

Not only is this platform bed aesthetically pleasing, it is eco-friendly. The  bed adheres to E1 certification, a furniture off-gas emission standard that is common in Europe. What this means is that the wood surrounding the bed frame and slats have been sourced from sustainably harvested forests and made in a way that allows no dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, a toxic chemical that can be found in many conventionally crafted beds.

This gorgeous, handcrafted piece of furniture incorporates aspects of luxury, eco-wellness and simplicity; elements that go hand in hand with the overarching theme of the Rocky River Green Home.

The other bed by Haiku Designs that is featured in the Rocky River Green Home is the Europa Eco-Friendly Bed. Simple, straightforward lines and natural bamboo coloring combined with a bed that is close to the ground make for a sleek, modern, elegant and eco-friendly sleeping environment.

This bed is made completely from bamboo wood, which is extremely durable as well as sustainable. Bamboo plants actually produce 35 percent more oxygen into the atmosphere than trees meaning that bamboo products are a great investment for both your home and the environment!

Consider looking into eco-friendly bed options that inspire comfort, inner peace and tranquility. Not only are you supporting an eco-consious company, you are in turn bettering our wonderful mother earth!


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