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The Dirt on Clean Paint

Since Sherwin-Williams inception in 1866, the leading producer in paints and coatings has grown within the industry with a line of superior products and most importantly, innovation . From the time the company opened their first plant in Cleveland to their creation of Superpaint in 1981 (the first paint that came with a 10-year warranty) to the eco-conscious descision companies are faced with in the new millenium, Sherwin-Williams has always persevered through innovation.

Forward-thinking has always been a part of Sherwin-Williams’ strategy and with awareness rapidly growing about the safety of the products we use and their effect on our health and the health of our eco-system, Sherwin-Williams put their forward-thinking to the test and produced something that would change the industry, yet again.

Emerald paints and ColorCast Ecotone, Sherwin-Williams’ latest and greenest creation, has broken new ground and began an eco-revolution in paint manufacturing. Emerald interior and exterior paints not only come with a life-time warranty but they are tinted using ColorCast, a tinting process that adds the perfect tint to the paint without changing the paint’s effectiveness or quality. The most remarkable part of Emerald paints is that they contain zero VOC. This kind of innovation and environmental awareness is why the Fischback’s chose Sherwin-Williams and their Harmony paints for the interior and exterior of the Rocky River Green Home.

“Sherwin Williams has always been at the forefront of innovation,” said Steve Revnew, Vice President of product innovation. “These products feature revolutionary quality and industry-leading environmental responsibility.”

Sherwin-Williams received the EPA 2011 Presidential Green Chemistry Award for the company’s innovative paint formulation and manufacturing technologies along with receiving Greengard Environmental Institute’s (GEI)  Indoor Air Quality and Children and Schools certifications.

For a highly-regarded company like Sherwin-Williams, it wasn’t just enough to become environmentally aware of the products they are making. Sherwin-Williams began changing how there products made it into their customer’s lives too. By streamlining their national distribution process, Sherwin-Williams cut down on fuel consumption along with natural energy and resources.

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