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The Exclusive Dot.Com Massage Experience

If you’re at all like me, and I’m betting you are, I spend about nine hours a day on my computer, an Ipad, my Ipod at the gym, you name it, I’m on it. And my forearms and my neck are absolutely killing me.

Are you having computer-related aches and pains?

At my Burke Williams Massage  in Sherman Oaks, Calif., your therapist uses moist heat pads to deeply relax the muscles. Textured gloves and Chinese herbs polish the skin, while calming essential oils penetrate and pamper. After the massage of your choice ($110 for 50 minutes, $160 for 80 minutes)
you may opt on the extra $20 enhancement, which includes includes customized stretching focusing on the neck, shoulders, arms, hands and wrists and mixes Thai-style stretches.

“We are thrilled to offer a therapeutic service that targets the stresses that our daily activities cause on the body,” said Karen Weaver, Director of Client Impact at Burke Williams. “The massage technique of combined stretching and massage gives guests immediate results and with ongoing treatment will produce lasting improvement in posture.”

Dutifully, like a good little spa wench,  I arrived at my spa appointment 30 minutes before treatment to steam and detox my stuffy pores in the Wet Room, which features gigantic shower heads that cover you in cascading streams of hot and cold water.

Here’s a funny note. The real name of my quiet and very capable therapist was: Grace Getzen. Get Zen. Grace Get Zen.

Honestly, I love this job!

Next time I may return to Burke Williams for the signature treatment called “Emilee’s Intrigue,” which sounds utterly fascinating and highlights immune-boosting eucalyptus leaves and steaming towels for a wetter, deeper warm massage ($149 for 75 minutes). Deep yummy.

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