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Flip-Flop Foot Spa for Home

I totally love my new flip-flop spa for my tired pups. I put them on and simply via normal, everyday walking around while wearing the easy-to-use system, I honestly got back soft, smooth, beautiful feet after a few days of wearing the cute flip-flops.

Say goodbye to cracked heels and hello to feet that feel fresh and relaxed. They minimized my callouses  in 10 minutes by wearing these pretty shoes with a loofah on the inside, voila, great idea from  the inventors! Flip Flop Spa is a new, innovative product that lets any woman get their feet smooth, healthy, and looking good in a quick and effortless way.

The kit comes with three pads—the cleansing pad, the abrasive pad, and the essential oil pad—plus, the Essential Oil Foot Blend and Essential Oil Disinfectant Spray, to create a system that gets your poop neglected summer pup back to health in no time.

Flip Flop Spa is great for the summer time to wear around the house to repair feet from constantly wearing boots, and to have pretty feet just in time for Valentine’s Day. An added bonus is that the system can be done on the go because it  comes with a cute, matching clutch so you can change your flip flop pads wherever you are.

The flip-flops are comfy and stylish and retail for $24.99 but the essential oils with anti-bacterial properties ($7.99 – $12) are extra and the foaming wash and interchangeable treatment pads are also extra. Makes a great birthday present for the spa and yoga gals in your life who care about their pretty feet, just like us.

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