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The Inner and Outer Beauty of Amel Larrieux

Being a green makeup artist that lives a sustainable lifestyle, my favorite beauties to work with are the ones who are like-minded. It’s a beautiful thing when I come across a like-minded spirit who shares my philosophies on inner and outer beauty. Enter into the picture, my favorite organic beauty Amel Larrieux. Amel is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter as well as a wife and mother of two. I learn something beautiful every time I work with her. From her dedication to yoga and meditation, to her love of natural and organic products and sustainable (vintage) clothing, Amel always has something to share. Here are a few of her treasures.

Q: Can you tell us a little about about your yoga practice?

A: I came to yoga through meditation and internal balancing. The physical practice came after. I’ve always had a really dedicated home practice and rarely got to classes, though I thoroughly enjoyed working with an experienced practitioner in a class setting. I did a bunch of very vigorous vinyasa flows for a while. After dealing with some injuries and working with an integrative Chiropractor who healed me and helped me realize that not all yoga is for all bodies, I tailored my practice so I’d feel less pain and stress. That’s when I found kundalini. I am the one that wants the breath work or pranayama more than all else. Now, I start every day doing some kundalini kriyas, some qigong, some meditation, and some physical yoga.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your meditation practice? 

A: I came to meditation on the recommendation of a kinesiologist who figured out stress was a huge factor when it came to my health. I began an at home practice with guided meditation CDs from Tara Brach, whose books I had read previously. Meditation is so beneficial for me, it feels like a luxury.

Q: One of your goals is to teach yoga to young children, can you please elaborate?

A: I’m fortunate to have been exposed to the holistic form of yoga: physical,spiritual and medicinal(Ayurveda). As an African American, I am concerned with the spirits of my people, spirits that never healed properly from institutionalized racism or the psychic wounds from slavery. As there cannot be a mass healing,children are our hope. I seem to really connect with the little ones, and always have. I am hoping that this connection can grant me entrance into their hearts, offering them a direct path to their own self awareness, management of stress and other difficult emotions and knowledge of their bodies and moving in ways that will let them access the balance they deserve. Since we’re basically just recorders for the first 6 years of life, as scientifically proven, my dream is to help facilitate a holistic yoga program for youth in those early years who live in “at risk” environments where stressful, life threatening situations can be a constant. A far away dream but a dream nonetheless.

Q: What are some of your favorite daily natural/organic personal care products?

A: For my face skincare routine I have been a John Masters Organics devotee for the past 7 years. The Linden Blossom Cleanser, the Vitamin C Anti- Aging Facial Serum,  The Lavender Hydrating Mist  for Skin & Hair, I’m in! I haven’t had a facial in years but I do like them.  I use Bulgarian Rose water and Kimberly Sayer of London Cellular Extract Eye Lift Gel. For my body, I stick to the Whole foods brand Lavender Shower Gel. I have been using Monoi De Tahiti on my body,hair and scalp for over 16 years because there’s nothing in the world that smells or feels that amazing! I’ve made the switch to 100 percent  natural and chemical free and am using Alaffia Brand’s Beautiful Curls line and totally seeing– or rather feeling– a difference.

Q: Why such a love for vintage clothing (the ultimate in sustainable fashion?)

A: I’ve loved vintage for as long as I can remember; growing up in the West Village section of New York City gave me access to the best. I think I like finding something that feels one of a kind and totally unique. Maybe I’m a bit of a treasure hunter.

Q: Tell us about your new album “Ice Cream Everyday”?

A: “Ice Cream Everyday” is as organically derived as are my other albums. “Ice Cream Everyday” is about finding something to indulge in every day.


Shortly after she turned 18 years old, Amel teamed up with Bryce Wilson and formed Groove Theory, a duo that broke the Billboard Hot 100 and some of the top R&B charts with “Tell Me” in 1995. Amel released her debut solo album titled “Infinite Possibilities” in 2000, using and fusing together several genres including soul, hip hop, and folk. Her upcoming album, “Ice Cream Every Day” is currently in the works, and her single Afraid is already on the charts.

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