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The Power of Solar

The Sun is our best and brightest source of energy. Without it there would be no life on Mother Earth and throughout the years and years of research, the Sun has provided us with more than just warmth on our skin and light in our days; it has provided a brighter future. From the days of burning holes in paper with a magnifying glass to more productive uses of the Sun’s energy, like solar powered aircrafts, skyscrapers and satellites. Solar energy has not only become a viable, green source of energy, it has become the future.

The concept and design of the Rocky River Green Home is vested in a greener future by consuming less energy through green-build methods without compromising any luxuries. Incorporating solar technology was a “no-brainer,” as homeowner Beverly Maloney-Fischback says. Bringing back Warren Roofing, the team designed a 10-panel layout with a system capacity of 2,350 watts that produces 20% of the entire home’s energy supply. Considering the square footage is over 6,000, getting that much energy from the solar system will save a ton of resources along the conventional energy supply line.

Located on the Southwest corner of the roof, the Sharp Residential solar panels are each equipped with it’s own Enphase Microinverter. With older designs, when one panel had become damaged or obstructed, it would weigh down the entire system, making the solar system less efficient. The cutting edge design of the Enphase System allows each panel to operate independently, without ever disrupting the efficiency of the system, as a whole.

The feature that sets the Enphase System apart from the rest is it’s monitoring capabilities. Once installed, the homeowner can retrieve performance reports and warnings on their solar panel system via the internet or mobile device. This feature provides the homeowners with piece of mind that this energy-saving step is being used effectively and efficiently.

While the solar panels are hard at work supplying green energy from the rooftop, they’re also hard at work saving the homeowners some green in the form of tax credits. The system chosen for the RRGH will return almost 30% back to the Fischback’s off the total cost through Federal Tax Credits, virtually paying for itself overtime.

When people hear the words “going green,” they tend to think of recycling, turning off the water while you brush your teeth, electric cars and, most of all, solar power. But this isn’t your dad’s solar power. The advances and innovations in solar technology have made it more effective and more affordable, pairing it with smart software that creates transparency and functionality for the homeowner.


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