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Toast to Summer with Certified Organic Vodka

Last weekend I purchased Square One’s miniature bottles at a liquor store in New Jersey on my way to a BYOB restaurant. I’ve been a big fan of Square One’s certified organic vodka since I worked on a branding project with its founder Allison Evanow in 2007. The singular grain vodka is made from organic American rye using organic fermentation and distillation techniques. It’s created with water from the Teton Range of Wyoming and organically certified rye from North Dakota. The ingredients are so pure that multiple distillations are not needed. It’s created with a unique organic fermentation process that was specifically designed for Square One by Distilled Resources. The process ensures that not only the ingredients are certified organic but also the farms, the mill, and the production facilities.


As a creative director in advertising packaging is as important to me as what’s inside the bottle. Not only because I love contemporary design but also as a way to minimize its impact on the environment. That’s why I love that Square One uses chlorine-free shipper cartons printed with soy-based ink and that the bottle’s main label is made of bamboo, bagasse (sugar cane pulp) and cotton. The sophisticated bottle design looks gorgeous but it’s even better to know that the square is not frosted to avoid chemicals.


Square One’s certified organic vodka selection comes in multiple flavors that include basil, cucumber and even botanical. The company’s website has numerous recipes on how to turn their certified organic vodka into contemporary cocktails. For example you can turn Square One’s cucumber flavored organic vodka into a Cool Collins or a Cucumber Spajito. Or simply try it with tonic and a twist of lime. But here comes my favorite part: after you’re done savoring your tasty summer cocktail you can reuse the Square One bottle with its gorgeous square design and turn it into a vase or candle holder. The mini-bottles look super-cute as an assortment of eco-chic vases for individual flowers.



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