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Upcycled Lamps With A Clean Conscience

WillemHeeffer_2There are many things you can do to reduce the impact of your laundry loads on the environment. According to the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) washing and drying laundry at home is one of the most energy- and water-intensive chores. Green laundry practices include washing only full loads of clothing, using mostly cold-water wash cycles or switching to biodegradable detergent. Of course, I hope you’re already doing this anyway but if not maybe you can consider these responsible laundry practices for future loads. Or look at the fact that about 90% of the energy used for doing laundry goes towards heating the water in a conventional top-load washer. This really makes you think twice before turning the dial towards a warm water cycle.

Another way to expand the definition of green laundry is through the upcycled washing machine drum lamps by Dutch designer Willem Heeffer. The artist gives used washing machines a stylish second life by turning their drums into colorful lamps. All eco-friendly lamps are hand made from locally sourced material rescued from recycling centers, which makes them 90% recycled. The drums come in six different colors: light pink, slate grey, pale green, retro orange, salt white and pastel blue. They seem to be hovering in mid-air suspended by three thin cables and come with a fabric braided electricity cable that matches in color.

What I like about the drum lamps made from discarded washing machines is that they turn waste into something useful and beautiful. They look great by themselves but also in a row over a rectangular shaped dining table. It’s an industrial look for sure but the colors give them a warmer feel. Other lamps created by the Dutch designer include lamps made from Heinz Beanz cans, Campbell’s cans or cans from local recycling centers for vegetable cooking oils. He even created Heinz Beanz chandeliers on an industrial scale for a new American diner in Helsinki. These artful designs are a good reason to keep on recycling all your discarded household items. They might inspire the next green design.

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