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Warming with Ginger Oil

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Ginger root essential oil is steam distilled from the fresh cluster of root bulbs (called a rhizome)  of the ginger plant. It has a warming, spicy, woodsy and earthy aroma and has been incorporated into herbal and folk medicine from a wide array of cultures, for centuries.

For me:  It is one of my all-time favorite winter-time essential oils.

Energetically, it evokes and supports, the winter “hibernation” vibe:

Now that the clocks have turned back, and the days are officially getting shorter, and depending where you live, getting colder, mother nature is suggesting that we spend more time indoors, sleeping, nesting and digging in. Why? We need to regain our balance and shore up our energy;  the outward rush of summer busy-ness can be enervating and with arrival of darker days and colder temperatures we need to focus on activities that will replenish and strengthen us.  Ginger root essential oil is a powerful tool to include into our daily practices this winter to help us get grounded, gather our energy and sustain our inner senses.

When the ginger root grows underground it actually grows parallel to the surface, defying gravity and spreading out sideways.  It creates a thick root-network right below the soil. Energetically this suggests, that the roots are securing its domain, nesting, but not digging in so deeply that they greatly separate themselves from the experiences above ground.  We can learn from that.  “Digging-in” doesn’t mean hiding.  But rather it reminds us to once again connect with our “roots,” slow down and store up our energy.

To help me connect with the energetic power of Ginger Root essential oil, I enjoy creating a massage oil with it and giving myself some foot reflexology, being careful to pay extra close attention to the acupressure points directly below the ball of my foot.

Physiologically, the essential oil of Ginger Root, supports and bolsters our body’s own ability to stay healthy and clear.

For circulation:  using Ginger root oil in a massage oil, body scrub or directly in an aromatic bath can greatly improve circulation and ease stiff muscles and joints. Chemically, Ginger Root essential oil has particular constituents that have demonstrated real improvements in circulation. The warming and energizing properties of the oil can immediately access our blood stream through our skin and effectively ease discomfort from stagnancy and muscle soreness.

For digestion:  A great remedy for nausea and stomach upset, Ginger root essential oil, may be lightly massaged directly onto the belly, or inhaled.  In a bath, it can relax the muscles around the belly and improve the circulation in our digestive tract.

For colds and flu:  Ginger root essential oil is highly anti-bacterial and anti-microbial and can effectively kill germs and ward off viruses. Try gargling a drop or two in a warm glass of water to ease a sore throat, or misting the “sick-room” with an aromatic spray of a few drops of Ginger Root essential Oil, and Cinnamon bark essential Oil ( see last post) – to help improve congestion and neutralize the spreading of germs.

Of course, we must also not forget how delicious, Ginger root is – and how beneficial it is to our diet and our health.

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