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Welcome Spring! But It’s Allergy Season—So Maybe, or Maybe Not!

The groundhog was right, we had to wait six more long weeks. But spring has finally arrived—we hope! The old saying, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb,” is so true. Especially after a winter like the one we experienced, with record snowfalls across much of the nation.

So with the official arrival of spring, up come the flowers we have so long awaited: jonquils, forsythia, tulips, daffodils, cherry blossoms. And also, alas, up comes the pollen, and the mold—all of which spell seasonal allergies for many. No doubt about it: coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and sore throats can certainly dampen one’s enthusiasm for the much-anticipated season.

Short of rushing to the doctor for a prescription, or stocking up on over-the-counter drugs as the solution, try to be proactive and think of natural organic solutions to seasonal spring allergies.

Here are some top organic diet and beauty routines to abide by that just might fortify you to prevent or cure those pesky allergies once and for all!

Consume Honey Local honey can help build immunity. However, honey is not intended for children under one year of age.

Plan your Diet Rich in Anti-Oxidants Apples, oranges, fruits, veggies, nuts and olive oil can fortify a healthier upper respiratory tract, which, in turn, can elevate your immunity to seasonal allergies. Enjoy the fresh seasonal spring fruits and vegetables in your local gardens and farmer’s markets.

Don a Mask Particularly when gardening outside in areas where the pollen count is high. Masks are helpful in the yard when you garden or when you do your spring clean up indoors. Masks may also be used to protect others from germs, since we all know common allergies can lead to a plethora of other common colds and illnesses such as bronchitis, upper respiratory track infections and sinus infections.

Spring Clean Good time to thoroughly clean and vacuum your home to remove more particles and allergens.

Purify the Air Purchasing an air purification system with a UV and negative ion filter will help. Inspect for mold and pollen in the house. Dehumidifiers and air filters are good solutions to breathing clear air indoors. Be sure to eliminate dust mites and clean vents, fans and air conditioner/heat filters.

Spring to the Beach or Lake Closer to the sea and water means less pollen!

Take a Spring Break and Do a Green Body Cleanse There are different ways to purge the harmful toxins organically. Download a free e-chapter from the book The Green Body Cleanse.

Sip in Spring Sip your favorite organic teas for relief and to help ward off potential allergies. Recommended are: ginger,  lemon, nettle and peppermint and chamomile tea. Plus, drink more water than usual in order to loosen phlegm.

Grow Herbs Grow herbs and use them for allergy relief and prevention. Certain herbs may reduce your allergic symptoms. Herbs to invest in include licorice, rose hips, corn silk, marshmallow root and ginger.

Pollen Patrol Pollen is higher in the morning. Check out the national and local pollen websites and apps, and keep windows closed during night hours.

Beauty Therapy Try Aura Cacia Chakra Balancing Expressive Throat Aromatherapy Roll-On to open up the throat, or Clean George Stuffed Up Multipurpose Australian Eucalyptus Stick to clear nasal passages.

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