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Yoga Postures for Easy Autumn Transitions

The mornings here in Southern California are suddenly sweeter, a change is in the air, a briefness in the sunset…

Boston-based yogi David Magone said, “Fall for me seems to symbolize a metamorphosis from summer to winter or a transition from youth to maturity. To transition gracefully into more calmness and flexibility, it’s time to focus on spinal mobility exercises that strengthen the back and the core.”

Spinal mobility decreases as we age, and can be an indicator of poor health so Magone urges exercisers and yogis to keep the spine “undulating” daily basis to lessen the effects of age-related disc deterioration and lessening flexibility. Magone, creator of the newer American-style flowing yoga called PranaVayu said he spends time every day on his alignment-based practice fusing Buddhist philosophy, meditation and a scientific approach to posture and health.

To release back and shoulder tension and keep the spine feeling open and pliable for years to come, practice a flowing Cat-Cow pose every day. To welcome the essence of staying flexible throughout the Fall, Magone showed us how to do it right.He said, “If your back isn’t feeling as bendy as it used to be, there’s no need to worry. Stretching can really help. Practicing the Cat-Cow stretch daily for 5 to 10 minutes will help release back and shoulder tension and will keep your spine feeling open and pliable for years to come.”

How to do it: Come to all fours and stack your shoulders directly above wrists, knees on the floor slightly behind your hips.

Exhale and round your spine. As you do this press outward through your hands and roll your tailbone under (toward your forehead) to lengthen your lower back.

Inhale, arch your spine in the other direction by lifting your tailbone upward as you curl your chin backward. Repeat for deep, slow 30 inhales and exhales.

Help us celebrate a week of free yoga and National Yoga Month by telling us how you clean your mat, or maybe even what your fave wake-up yoga pose is in the morning.

Join Magone at one of his spiritual retreats. That’s his perfect Cat-Cow stretch at right, too.

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